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About Brandon

Here are a few things you might be interested in knowing about me…

  • Since I was young, I’ve been passionate about cameras. I’ll always be grateful for my college advisor at Creighton University for encouraging me to turn my passion into a career.

  • My clients and colleagues tell me I’m an easygoing, open-minded, natural leader with a strong work ethic. 

  • I believe in the power of creative collaboration and that there are many ways to reach the same destination.

  • Although my messy desk might imply otherwise, I’m extremely organized when it comes to planning shoots and like to do so well in advance.

  • Thanks to my nearly 25 years of experience, troubleshooting talents and cool head, I thrive in unexpected, high-stress situations.

  • From New York to California, my work spans many categories including editorial, fashion, product, lifestyle, food, corporate, medical, education, architectural and agriculture.

  • One of the biggest feathers in my cap was being the lead photographer at a studio that had Martha Stewart as a client. After two years of meticulously testing film versus digital for her, she chose us out of the many studios she worked with to go digital first.

  • In addition to Martha Stewart, my client list ranges from Bass Pro Shops, Ivie and Associates and Oriental Trading Company to Creighton University, University of Nebraska Medical Center and HDR.

  • When I’m not behind a camera, I enjoy cooking, golfing, hunting and traveling. I’m also an avid Creighton basketball fan.

If you’d like to learn more about my work and approach, please contact me here.

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